Portfolio Category: Dessert

Kids Sundae

$.99 A scoop of rich vanilla ice cream topped with your choice of chocolate, caramel, or strawberry. (kids 12 & under) *Pricing may vary by location
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Mini Doughnuts

$4.99 Fresh-made mini doughnuts – just like the County Fair! Share an order with your friends. Sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, served in an Alien Cone with a side of honey and chocolate. *Pricing may vary by location
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Turtle Cheesecake

$4.99 New York-Style cheesecake, resting on a thick layer of fudge, covered with a rich caramel sauce, garnished with chopped pecans, all in a graham cracker crust. *Pricing may vary by location
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Alien Ears

$4.99 We’ve brought back an old favorite. Fried dough in the shape of alien ears, sprinkled with powdered sugar, served with your choice of chocolate or honey. *Pricing may vary by location
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Alien Apple Crisp

$4.99 Plump and juicy sliced apples topped with a crisp, delicious blend of rolled oats, almond granola, sweet cinnamon and rich brown sugar *Pricing may vary by location
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