Space Aliens Grill & Bar - Albertville, MN

Quietly settled into the Minnesota landscape northwest of Minneapolis, our Albertville location features all the great Space Aliens atmosphere you’ve come to love. A gold-rimmed flying saucer welcomes you inside to where a delicious meal awaits. That’s right -- there is intelligent life down here and they know where to eat. Space Aliens® Grill & Bar pulls in children and adults alike with the irresistible gravitational pull of out-of-this-world food. Our restaurants beam up the imaginations of all earthlings that walk into our world. The décor features a 30-foot-high domed ceiling that displays a view of outer space. A force field of alien sculptures in the dining room, bar and arcade, showcase a variety of extraterrestrial settings and distinct personalities, encouraging each earthling to relax and enjoy the moment. Earthly explorers can enjoy a menu ranging from Martian Munchies™ to Alien Burgers™. It’s more than enough food to fuel them up for their next flight.