Space Aliens
Grill & Bar
Fargo, ND

When our spaceship settled at the bottom of the Red River Valley, setting up shop in Fargo was a no-brainer. It is here we have refined the art of combining our all-time favorite ingredients: Food, Fun, and Family. So, what is the experience like? The décor features a 30-foot-high domed ceiling that displays a view of outer space. Whether you’re from out of town or short-waving from West Fargo, Moorhead, or Dilworth, a force field of alien sculptures in the dining room, bar and arcade will draw you in and encourage each earthling to enjoy the moment. While taking in the galactic atmosphere, our earthly guests can savor the flavor menu items such as Martian Munchies®, Alien Burgers®, award-winning ribs, fire roasted pizza, and more!


If you’ve had a busy day of shopping at places like Fargo’s West Acres Mall, Scheels, and the Prairie Stone Center, it’s time to land your module at Space Aliens. Whether you and the family are looking for a fun lunch atmosphere or want a dinner that puts an emphatic punctuation on the day, Space Aliens is the perfect way to fill up before it’s time to be ported home.

Contact Info

1840 45th St Southwest
Fargo, ND 58103


Restaurant Hours

Tuesday - Sunday
Dining Room 11:00am - 10:00pm
Bar 11:00am - 11:00pm