Our Story

From outer-space mishap to earthly success.

We were on our way through space set on spreading good food and stellar fun throughout the entire galaxy, but things just didn't turn out as planned.

We were set to open our first Space Aliens Grill & Bar on Venus. Then we heard a sputter. Soon after losing acceleration in our fire-roasted engine compartment, we were forced to make an emergency landing on Planet Earth.

Our communication was destroyed upon landing. We had no way to get word out that we needed help. We resigned ourselves to the fact we were here to stay and we might as well open our next restaurant on Planet Earth. Fortunately, we had in our possession the super-secret recipes for absolutely, positively the best food and drinks in the entire universe.

Initially, we didn’t know whether these humanoids had the kind of taste buds to truly appreciate our food. To find out, we entered the National Bar-B-Que Convention Rib and Chicken Cook-off in Memphis, Tennessee. The judges were smitten! Our ribs were awarded ‘America’s Best Ribs’ and we were given something called a first place ribbon. We soon found out this was a VERY good thing. We also won an award for our great tasting chicken!

We came back to our spaceship in Bismarck, ND, and started construction on our Earth’s first Space Aliens Grill & Bar. We opened our second restaurant in Fargo, ND, and our first franchised restaurant in Albertville, MN.

We have learned a thing or two about these Earthlings from places called ‘North Dakota’ and ‘Minnesota’. It is truly a hearty audience of flavor-seeking, fun-loving families!

It makes no difference to us if you’re an Earthling or Space Alien. Everyone is welcome at Space Aliens Grill & Bar. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy your outer-space adventure. On Planet Earth, Space Aliens Grill & Bar is the only place for out-of-this-world food, drinks, and decor!

Your Space Aliens founders:

Mort Bank

Dave and Sheila Glaser