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It’s time to bring the mothership to your next event.

Looking to bring award-winning flavor to your next business or social gathering? If you’re in the Fargo, Bismarck, or north Twin Cities areas, the mothership is available to provide out-of-this world catering! Our entire menu is available, featuring everything from a fleet of mouth-watering ribs to luscious cheesecake.

When Space Aliens plans a party, we take the quasar approach. Our goal is to provide the kind of food that brings brilliance and energy to any gathering at any location. Once you have your passenger list complete and have selected your menu, we’ll deliver your food to you, hot and fresh. If you prefer to use your own shuttle, we’ll have your order ready for you to pick up.

Better yet... Let us do the work from countdown, to take-off, to landing! Our professional catering staff will beam down and set up for your event, serve the earthlings, and clean up when it’s finished.

We can prepare and serve any combination of items from our full menu, but many earthlings have shown a fondness for a few favorites:**

Bar-B-Que RibsCheddar Cheese RocketsBaked Potato
Bar-B-Que ChickenCheese SticksHoney Baked Beans
Martian MunchiesWings from Planet XCole Slaw
Bar-B-Que PorkChicken StripsDinner Roll
Martian MunchiesSide Salad
Turtle CheesecakePopPork Sandwich
BrowniesCoffeeStuffed Potatoes
Iced Tea
Orange Juice
Bottled Water

Call For More Information

For more information about our catering options, contact your local Space Aliens® Grill & Bar Catering Director. Don’t forget to inquire about our Outdoor On-site Grilling Options.

**Pricing may vary online from in-store and by location.