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All earthlings are welcome at Space Aliens Grill & Bar.  Our inclusive culture and laid back work environment are the perfect place for you to spend your day.  Help put smiles on our customers faces and soak in the ambiance of the Space Aliens fun!

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Ready For Your Career To Blast Off?

Great food and exceptional service takes patience, quick thinking, and a unique crew of dedicated superstars. At Space Aliens, we strive to create a positive work environment for our entire crew. Have fun while creating an out of this world experience for others.

Gain new skills and make new friends all while enjoying a flexible schedule with stellar perks and benefits. Enjoy a life outside of work, and one at work too!

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We're always on the lookout for high-energy aliens that love to serve customers from across the galaxy with their favorite refreshments, classical cocktails, and exciting new beverages we haven't even discovered yet! This alien will be tasked with greeting customers, answering questions, recommending menu items, and should ALWAYS be prepared to deliver beverages and food at lightspeed (among other various duties). Do you have the right stuff?



We're bringing the heat when it comes to serving up some of the best eats in the galaxy! If you have a passion for delivering one-of-kind deliciousness, then this could be the empire for you. This alien will need to be as versatile and creative as our menu to become a Jedi in our kitchen! If the force is with you, then what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about joining the team that's known for its Pizza, Burgers, BBQ, and LOADED Baked Potatoes across the galaxy (AND BEYOND)!


Even the dishes in the Millennium Falcon needed to be scrubbed from time to time! We're searching the planet for aliens that understand the value of cleanliness! Our goal is to rule the empire with a top notch experience for not only our aliens, but all the customers we welcome each and every day. Attention to detail, a passion for teamwork, and an excess of elbow grease are just some of the attributes we're looking for. Are you ready for your next adventure?

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If you have the warmth of E.T., the drive of Han Solo, and multi-tasking skills of Captain Kirk, then you might be ready to join the ranks of our starfleet command! This alien will need to roll with the punches and maintain all the charm and charisma of Princess Leia as he / she leads the charge in helping customers find their final destination while in our spaceship. Do you have what it takes to be the host / hostess with the mostess?


Not in a Thanos sort of way, but with the snap of a finger, this alien should be ready to assist customers with whatever it takes to maintain the NEXT LEVEL experience they've come to expect from Space Aliens. To beaming up great food and refreshments, to a personable greeting, to a welcoming smile and Alf like wit are just a few attributes of what it'll take to shine as bright as any star in the sky!